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September 1, 2010 / fruitloopmum

OMG, Fruitloopmum on a sex site?

How the bloody hell did that happen?

Call me dumb, but I’ve not posted nude photos. I’ve not even advertised for kinky sex HONEST,  but somehow I’ve managed to get my Fruitloopmum blog included on something called “Sexy Adult Posts”!

Oh F***k.

There I was last night congratulating myself on my newly learnt blogging skills. I looked at my reader stats and I looked at the links, and I looked at people who’ve left nice comments and gave myself a premature pat on the back. Well done Fruitloopmum for launching yourself wholeheartedly into something you knew bugger-all about 8 weeks ago and turning it into something that over 1000 people have enjoyed. Ok, 1000 people is infinitely small in the over all scheme of the blogging world, but it made me feel good – after all, it could have been only 40 hits….all from my mum.

Then, like any good ageing marketing guru, I Googled myself to see what that threw-up…..

Wow. I was really pleased that BBC online had picked up a couple of my posts (not sure how that happened either but I was chuffed ) Then, I scrolled down the Google page and lo and behold, Fruitloopmum is there on Sexy Adult Posts! Of course, I just had to click on the link and see what this site was…….

Well, if you’re remotely interested, and to save you all the trouble of looking yourself, let me put it this way; I’m after a salacious picture of a beautiful young girl doing something odd with an ice pack, a link to ‘Katy Perry topless: real or fake?’ and somewhere just below the One Stop Porn Shop. I was speechless and confused because the Fruitloop posts that this site features are???

Is Chivalry Dead? and Update, Update – I mean, come on guys, you could’ve at least picked Vaginal Smoking. That I might have understood!

So, I’m not sure whether this is a coup or a catastrophe for Fruitloopmum, but it’s back to the drawing board in my self-taught quest to understand how search engines categorise and produce links. In the meantime, I shall continue to write my innocently humorous little blogs containing swearing, indiscretions and body parts because ‘FRUITLOOPMUM IS INNOCENT’ OK?

One thing I know for sure though…..that nice mummy blogging site that I joined?……I reckon I’ll get a ban any day now. And as for my future prospects of attracting sponsors? Well, I could always go for sex toy manufacturers.

PS …Watch this space to see where this little post ends up featuring cos it sure as hell wont get picked up by the women’s knitting circle. Oh, and give me your vote in the comments section because I’m innocent right?


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