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September 10, 2010 / fruitloopmum

Divorce can be wonderful

I am in celebratory mood. Divorce can be a sad and stressful time for may people, but for this particular fruitloop it’s a cause for much celebration.

Hands up anyone who’s tried to divorce a narcissistic psychopath. OK, so in the absence of my being able to actually see you right now, I guess I should give the heads-up for anyone who suspects that they’re married to one and wondering how to achieve such a mind-blowing coup.

Rule Number One:

Just remember, you can’t divorce a narcissistic psycho, they wont let you. Use reverse psychology. Apply for a divorce. Wait about 8 weeks before they slap an anti-suit injunction on you. Haha! that’s a good one, because they don’t want you to divorce them, they have to divorce you.

Rule Number Two:

Be damn sure you have money to burn. I’m talking eye-wateringly, serious amounts of money that could be used for something far more constructive like your children’s education or your shrink bills. You’ll need the best lawyer you can afford. Firstly, because you have to deal with someone who is more cunning than a friggin weasel and has the charm of one of those guys who do tricks with a snake in a basket. You simply must have a lawyer who’s got teeth and balls. Frisk the bugger’s crotch and ask him to open his mouth. I’M SERIOUS. We all know though, that lawyers with a full set of teeth and mammoth balls don’t come cheap.

Secondly, remember… the psycho will always try to out-do you. They simply have to have the best lawyer. It’s a matter of entitlement. So, you can’t be caught with your pants down and relying on the legal skills of a toothless, impotent, eunuch when he wheels in the big guns.

Rule Number Three:

Patience. Be prepared for the longest, most acrimonious, frustrating, expensive, divorce and settlement in f**ing  history. The narcissistic psycho will get these expensive lawyers to communicate about all possible minutiae from weekly letters regarding access to the dog, to a spreadsheet showing who owns the contents of the bloody refrigerator. I jest not!  Oh, and you’ll need to sort out that anti-suit injunction.

Rule Number Four:

Keep your marbles intact. There will be times when you get to read and respond to their 100th solemnly sworn affidavit, and you’ll wonder if you’ve lost the plot.  These things are amazingly convincing works of fiction, and reading them will make you want to vomit…you’ll probably want to slit your wrists too!  DONT. Sure, they’ll contain a grain of truth, but the truth will be so twisted that you’ll doubt your own sanity. Reach for the diary, the photographic evidence, the forensic accounting report and the bloody Valium….but keep your marbles intact.

Rule Number Five:

When the decree absolute comes through, and he sends you a pompous message reading “I find it so very pleasing that I have finally stopped your divorce and divorced you” …….f**ing well CELEBRATE! You will be finally free of the bastard.

Today, I celebrated with a spot of fly posting around the village. This weekend I am having an enormous party.




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  1. Starfish / Sep 10 2010 5:38 am

    Congratulations Fruitloopmum – you are an inspiration to have come through this experience with your sense of humour and to have entertained us so well throughout.

    I can’t say I am divorcing a psychopathic narcissist, though for the record my mother thinks he has narcissistic tendencies. Mine is a sex addicted wine guzzling dickhead, (and that would be NOT sex addicted to me but to sex workers at $250 per hour). That’s a lot of school fees too and we haven’t even got to the lawyers yet.

    Question for the Fruitloopmum – Is it possible to be “revirginised”? At almost 3 years with no sex and only twice in the 4 years before that, I must be close and that’s within the marriage. Please tell me it will be better when I am single again.

  2. fruitloopmum / Sep 10 2010 7:08 am

    Dear Starfish,
    You’re an absolute inspiration too! There I was, having sounded off and wondering what topic to cover next. Well, it just has to be…. “The Born Again Virgin” I’ve been there, done it and got the T-shirt, and you know what? There’s a really wonderful, positive side. Promise.
    As for the sex worker thing..yup, I, know all about that one too. One of the reasons I became a born again virgin!
    Glad I’ve managed to give you a smile, so thanks for your support and keep your chin up because it really does get better and you are not alone.

    Pssst….I lost the virginity thingy again a little while ago, and cant find the bugger (thank god)

  3. HillsideIndigo / Sep 10 2010 7:36 am

    I missed the flyposters – can we see a photo, have a copy of the text….

  4. Busy mum / Sep 11 2010 12:21 am

    Dear Starfish

    You might want to check out Fruitloop’s blog on vaginal smoking…..apparently to cleanse and disinfect the area, so heck, that’s gotta be close to being a born again virgin!

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