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September 20, 2010 / fruitloopmum

If I was Dr Karl…

This is Dr Karl, NOT the BF!

I was enjoying a rare, child-free lay-in with the BF the other morning and talking post-coital shite as one does when you’ve just bonked your brains out…..well that’s my excuse anyway. Anyway, our conversation turned to Dr Karl and some of the totally bizarre questions that he gets asked by the public. I mean, who are these people? and what goes through their heads???

For the uninitiated, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is an Aussie genius and my absolute hero. He’s the guy who has a bloody degree in just about everything, is as wacky as a truckload of fruitloops and won a Nobel Prize for his research….. into belly button fluff. He launched his last book on Bondi Beach tied to a rocket…(the book, not Dr Karl) You got the picture? What a guy!

Back to the post-coital conversation….

“Hey, did you hear Dr Karl on Tripplej this week? There were some of the wackiest people on his phone in”

“Yeah, like what?”

“Like the woman who called to ask if a fart could cause a shadow!”

‘What the f***k?”

So anyway, we lay there and Googled some Dr Karl questions just for fun. I almost pee’d myself laughing. I mean, if I was Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, I could have such fun! I wonder if Dr Karl needs an assistant? Nah, I doubt he’d employ anyone called Fruitloopmum.

So, my wonderful Fruitloopmum fans, I have come up with a cunning plan. For the next few days I shall play at being Dr Karl. You can pose any of the hilarious (and genuine) Dr Karl questions below, and I shall pretend to be Dr Karl (well his assistant anyway) and answer them for you Fruitloopmum style.  Ready? Just click on any of the Dr Karl questions below, then hit vote for a Fruitloopmum answer in the next few days! Oh and if you can think of a weirder question, pop it in the ‘other’ box and I’ll have a go at that too.

My personal favourite just has to be the one about the spinning sperm…..Cant wait to answer that one! OK, I’m off to put on my hoodie lab coat and very loud shirt. Watch this space for Fruitloopmum answers. I’m gonna have so much fun. Oh, and apologies to Dr Karl for taking the piss and the role of assistant without a formal invitation. I do so hope he likes the spoof.


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