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October 19, 2010 / fruitloopmum

A Whole Tub of Fruitloops!

A good friend of mine lives by the following rule of thumb: She says “When my life revolves around synchronicity, then I know it’s on track”  Yep, she’s a fruitloop too, but a very wise one.

Yesterday I posted ‘Lessons’ and a rather lovely lady contacted me and accused me of being a STALKER – haha! You can see her comments on the last post. Now, I don’t know where in the world she lives, but I do know this……..Apparently I have a twin. OK, so this twin is younger and far more attractive than me, but bloody hell, what are the chances of the kind of synchronicity going on in this story?

I’m not sure how she stumbled upon my blog but apparently we live identical lives, right down to accidentally marrying a psychopath. And get this…..on the very day that she discovered my blog and was seriously wondering if Fruitloopmum was a stalker, she just happened to be on her way to a friend’s house to help out with a photo shoot.

She arrived at said photo shoot and was surprised to find the strangest synchronicity of all, and has very kindly allowed me to include the photos here for you all to see…..

What are the chances huh? Now, I reckon that is one very brave fruitloop. I just hope that they warmed that bloody milk up for her!

So, thanks for sharing this wild bit of synchronicity with us my twin fruitloop. It looks like your life is definitely on track babe!

Oh, and as a result of discovering my long,lost twin, I am now inspired to organise a convention of fellow fruitloops. Not sure where in the world would be most convenient, but the world had better be damn-well prepared !


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