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March 28, 2011 / fruitloopmum

What’s a NuNu?


On March 1st I got the sms I’d been waiting for…..

It simply read “He is perfect beyond words”

The message came from the other side of the globe. From my beautiful daughter. The daughter I held in my arms many years ago and gazed at with a heart so filled with love that I thought it would burst.

The birth of a child is one of life’s daily miracles that we all too often take for granted. The precious gift of life. For this particular fruitloop, the birth of a grandchild was something that I wasn’t prepared for, nor had even really contemplated. Until that fateful night. The famous night of the “cougar gran” text!

Since then I’ve been trying to get my head around being….ahem……god I can barely bring myself ….to…say…it……a bloody  granny!

So, in preparation for the inevitable, I turned to my girlfriends for advice and support. Geeze, some of them have newborns themselves and my own youngest is only 5…..they looked at me bemusedly over their cocktails and we went around the table gathering names for my impending status.

“What’s wrong with Nana?”


“Or Nonni?”


“What about Nonna?”


“We called our grandma Nunu….”

“Hmmmm, I might be able to live with that one”

And so it was decided. I was to be known as ….Nunu

Now, in these days of social networks, sms, twitter, blackberries and iphones it wont surprise you that fruitloop daughter was actually chatting via blackberry on Facebook during the latter stages of labour! I was able to keep in contact and lend some moral support even though I was on the other side of the world. During said period, some cyber flack was hurled at me…

“Mother, you do know that Nunu was the vacuum cleaner on the Teletubbies dont you?”

“Dont care”

“Yep, she’s right” (my brother)

” Yes, it was the vacuum cleaner, but that’s what we call the intimate part of the female anatomy in out house!” (old schoolfriend)


Some hours later I sat sipping coffee with a girlfriend in a cafe when my phone bleeped its message…

“He’s perfect beyond words”

and attached was…..

Fruitloopmum was totally taken aback by the feeling that welled up in my chest and sneaked up to my curve my mouth and then prick my eyes. He was perfect beyond words and guess what?

Who cares whether Nunu is a vacuum cleaner or a womans private bits…



PS…To my firstborn..if you read this, a mother’s love knows no bounds, and you always were competitive X



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