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December 8, 2011 / fruitloopmum

Bloody Pirates!

Funny how life turns out sometimes isn’t it?  Now, I believe in fate and destiny but anyone who’s a Fruitloopmum fan or follower will know that my life includes some pretty substantial and regular sacrifices to the Lord of Chaos.

Right, before I go off on a tangent and lose you all….this post IS about pirates I promise.

So, I love the ocean, I love to sail, and I have been known to sail on a wooden boat with a guy with…. ahem….one leg (who can forget the post about why kids cant be PC huh?)

These facts, coupled with my love of mischief, anarchy and a slightly evil sense of humour…..mean it’s only natural that I think of myself as a bit of a girl pirate right? With me so far?

Oh yes, and of course, the  little fruitloops have a major crush on Jack Sparrow. I swear they know just about every line in every Pirates of the Caribbean movie ever made. We love that girls can be pirates. Since our great escape from The Psycho, we three have grown into a tough, funny, courageous, not to be messed with all female pirate household.  My girls go to sleep with pirate bedtime stories. I think you get the picture….. PIRATES R US OK?

Well now, a little while ago I literally stumbled across a rather sexy and completely mad male pirate who sails on fleets of ships on the other side of the globe. And here’s where fate and destiny comes in….I live in Australia, he’s an Aussie and we met on a quayside in the South of France beneath a sign reading “Les Corsaires” which neither of us realised until some photos were emailed across the globe a few weeks later.

Ok, ok…..Les Corsaires means The Pirates in French……weird sh*t huh?

You may well ask, can anyone be more loopy and piratical than Fruitloopmum? ……well apparently so, and we call him The Pyrate. It’s an interesting, worrying and possibly dangerous, but delightful mix…so watch this space……..In the meantime, the little fruitloops were in awe of mummy meeting a real life pirate and started drawing pictures to send to the other side of the world.

Fast forward a few months and these pictures have sort of taken on a life of their own, and combined with the mad antics of my offspring and some encouragement have somehow morphed into something pretty special:

Mad Efel… a little girl pirate, based upon the small mad one as she’s previously been known….you may recall from previous posts…she of the whoopy cushions, politically incorrect observations and many tears of laughter. I started to draw her on school lunch bags, the little fruitloops wanted more…..we added stories, we added naughty, funny quotes and observations…..and now with the help and encouragement of The Pyrate we have a draft children’s book, Mad Efel merchandise on and all sorts of wild and wonderful ideas…..

Asleep at breakfast

So, the moral to this little tale? Watch out world….this band of pirates are proof that fate, destiny and complete bloody chaos go hand in hand, that life can be both mad, and fun and just like a storybook!

Design for Mad Efel PJ's

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