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May 8, 2012 / fruitloopmum

Let’s Go Tagging!

Just a quickie Fruitloopmum fans…

So, early this morning I was looking through my Facebook pages and checking up on Mad Efel who just HAS to post daily nonsense  and naughty thoughts @madefel to start the day, and I see something that made me sit up in bed and LMAO as they say.

It wont come as any surprise to you that Fruitloopmum is Facebook friends with a little outfit called  Moms Who Drink and Swear   (I have to keep up with my competition) and this morning’s post from across the world was an absolute star…..only the yanks could possibly think of this one!

And THIS got me thinking….

Which got Mad Efel thinking….

And together, we have a cunning plan…

I’m posting the link here for you all to see: Ronco Hair in a Can!!

You just gotta watch it! It defies belief!!! AND..apparently doesn’t even come off in the rain!


It’s from the 90’s but ready to be ressurrected…cos Mad Efel and I are ordering a few cans.

And then we’re going out tagging!!

Just imagine the possibilities….sleeping sunbathers, bald babies, offensive hair-dos, comb-overs, women with beards and moustaches, men with beards and moustaches……

Watch this hairy space!

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