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May 22, 2012 / fruitloopmum

Once Upon a Time….

Dear Fruitloopmum fans,

Sorry, just LOVE this photo….

We’re taking a  break from the amusing sexual deviant posts today. Sorry all you weirdos, but I had an odd experience  in the early hours ….it gave me goosebumps and made me sit up and  take notice. And before your collective brains go there, at this point there was not a sexual thought, a pirate, nor naked body part in sight OK? It was all innocent. Anyways, my phone woke me by bleeping a Facebook notification that my daughter has posted on her wall. Note to self: turn the f**r OFF before bed!

It was 3am, she’s on the other side of the world, and I miss her, so I opened the message. Here’s what she had posted:

My little boy is definitely the prince that gives my fairytale its “happily ever after”

Yes, we all know I’m a Nunu or a GILF or whatever….and my daughter was referring to my grandson who is one year old. As I read her words, my heart filled with love and reminiscing. You see, she was the mad child, a sort of Mad Efel predecessor. She was the funny looking, wild kid with the enormous heart and scatterbrain antics who wanted to be a Disney character when she grew up. She went through a tough time as a young adult…some of it my fault. But, now she’s found her particular niche in life. She’s a mother herself. And her beautiful post made me smile.

Funny how life turns out isn’t it?

So, I got to thinking. Fairytales.

And I made a kinda personal check list:

OK, all really good fairytales need a cast of interesting characters.

Yep, got plenty of those. Hell, I’ve even got a pirate, and a bunch of assorted weirdos with the odd saint and angel thrown in.

Then,we need a badie. You know, an evil ogre or something. I mean, how boring would the tale be if it was all sweetness and light and happily ever after (she says making vomiting faces)

So, no prizes for guessing which bleeding psycho fills this role. He’s just perfect. Even looks like an ogre!

(sorry, if you’re new here you’ll have to have a giggle and go into the archives…..I promise you I couldn’t find a better candidate)

Next up we have to have a good plot. Not just any plot you understand. It has to be exciting! One filled with danger, twists and turns, adventure, funny bits, sad bits, love, total disasters and hope. A good plot has to have you sitting at the edge of your seat sometimes rigid with fear and sometimes not knowing whether to laugh or cry or dive under the covers.

And  here, at 03.00 something or other….a strange kinda clarity crept over me, like someone had switched the light on…

FFS!!!!  I’m living my own bloody fairytale!!!

Anyone got any dwarves?? cos that’s all I appear to be missing.

Anyway, before I lose you all with my mad ramblings, I suppose my point here is this:

My eldest darling daughter is now enjoying her own fairytale. And is a special part of my mine.

Life is exactly what we make it, and I choose to make mine the best freakin fairytale ever!

Move over brothers Grimm. This is gonna be an epic one that I hope will be passed through the Fruitloop family from generation to generation. Hopefully one in which good will triumph, evil will be vanquished and all the grandchildren will learn, be entertained and scared senseless by

“Once upon a time there lived  a very weird woman…..


Now, where do I find an agent?



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  1. mojitoqueen / May 22 2012 12:31 pm

    Hi Fruitloop mum – hear you are looking for a bunch of dwarves to complete your fairytale – i reckon the kids and i could qualify – we’re already in your life, and since i am probably your only vertically challenged friend, we’re perfect!…… really are IN a fairytale (and, i think i know whom woud love the role of the evil queen turned good when she decides to give her poisonous Loaf of bread to the ogre – she would relish that role!!!)

  2. DC / May 23 2012 7:57 am

    Aaawww that’s a nice story so far Fruitloop Mum..but knowing you and the antics that happen in your adventurous n sometimes decorative mind n life am expecting a twist n turn shortly ..don’t have an evil per say but do have some other plot fillers that that may give diversion to your fantasy tale in the form of an understanding citizen by day..but by night transforms into a dreaded Troll w motives!!

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